Should I use a Lawyer or a Mediator for my Separation?

Choosing the right process is just as important as choosing the right person to handle your separation. If you don’t fully understand the different process options that are available to you, you could be vulnerable to hiring the wrong person for your case.

We help every new client understand the different process options, and when you first call us, we’ll explicitly explore with you whether your situation is better suited to mediation or traditional representation. Since the consequences of making the wrong process choice can have a life-long impact on you and your children, we feel strongly that a process discussion needs to be had at the outset of every client relationship.

Sometimes you need a tough lawyer – someone who can fight for you when he needs to, in order to bring about the goal of resolution. But where suitable, mediation can be a much more progressive and child-friendly choice. (click here for our Mediation FAQs to better understand what mediation is, and whether it might be worth discussing further with us).

We’ll help you figure out which route is likely to work better in your unique situation, taking into account your relationship background, your goals, the trust level between you and your ex, and other relevant factors. Once you’ve decided, we’ll get your process started and begin working towards resolution.

For further information, call us at (416) 861-1880 or email us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We look forward to helping you take control of your conflict and move forward with your life.