Praise for Rosanna

Literally there is no other lawyer who could have handled this case between my ex and I. He is stuck in narcissism mode and I am stuck in victim mode. She handled us BOTH beautifully, and got us to agree on a document that is truly in the best interest of our children. I am deeply grateful for her guidance, her ability to handle any given situation with such conviction and grace. If you think you are dealing with the most “impossible” spouse, it would seem she has seen and dealt with it all and will keep everyone feeling validated. Thank you Rosanna. Truly.

Simply put, Rosanna Breitman is an exceptional human being, and an incredibly talented mediator. I had the pleasure of being guided through the mediation process by Rosanna, and can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Rosanna has a remarkable skill in her interactions with people. She immediately turned what could have been a highly tensioned experience into a positive and engaging process. She is honest, and genuine. She is considerate and level-headed. She is incredibly skilled in her abilities to understand complex and emotional issues, and quickly identifies what really matters for each party. Her sense of fairness is so reassuring, that you can place all your trust in her and feel confident that she has your back at each and every step along the process. Rosanna is a superstar. I am so grateful to her for making the mediation process such a positive experience. I would recommend her to anyone, without reservation. She is that good