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Rosanna Breitman,  B.A., LL.B., LL.M., Acc.F.M.

“As a lawyer and accredited family mediator, I have the experience to help clients resolve any and all financial and parenting conflicts arising from separation and divorce…and that’s exactly what I do. My resolution rate is extremely high.

My practice strongly emphasizes the need for clients to develop and use positive, goal-oriented conflict resolution skills, both during negotiations, and in their ongoing co-parenting relationships. Where children are involved, relationships don’t end just because of divorce — they merely change — so children need and deserve for their parents to learn to work together respectfully.

I work with families who are dealing with intense sadness, anger, and pain. Mediation is challenging; resolving complicated legal, financial, emotional, and parenting issues in this context is hard work. But we’re in it together, and I always strive to make it the most comfortable, least painful process possible for my clients.

I’ve been told many times that mediation has made a huge difference in clients’ lives, and that the entire family is better off as a result of the process. I’m always happy to see my clients destined for a peaceful, collaborative future, and am even more thrilled to have helped them avoid a nasty court battle.

Across the board, my clients complete the process with a huge sense of relief that they’ve chosen mediation. They are often incredulous at how quick, inexpensive and humane it is, and they’re grateful to have achieved the closure they need in order to move on with their lives.”

About Rosanna

Rosanna’s years of experience as a family lawyer, mediator, and mother of three children have given her the expertise to resolve even the most painful and difficult legal and parenting issues. She truly cares about each and every family she works with, and she gets the job done quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Rosanna received her Honours B.A. in psychology from UWO in 1992 and her LL.B. from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1995. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 1997, and established Rechtshaffen, Breitman along with her husband, Jeff Rechtshaffen, restricting her practice to family law.

Increasingly intrigued by the field of family mediation, Rosanna obtained her Basic and Advanced Family Mediation Certificates from the University of Waterloo in 2002. Following an internship in the family court system, she obtained her Acc.F.M. (Accredited Family Mediator) designation from the Ontario Association for Family Mediation in 2003.

Rosanna has restricted her practice to family mediation since 2006. She received her LL.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2012.

In conjunction with her private practice, Rosanna serves as a part-time Supervising Mediator with Peel Family Mediation Services, mediating approximately 50 cases per year in the Brampton Family Court system, and training and mentoring new mediators who are working toward accreditation. Rosanna is also available for private coaching in the area of negotiation and conflict resolution skills, as well as consulting and speaking on the topic of conflict resolution.

Rosanna’s demonstrated commitment to the field of family mediation, her many years of education and experience, her approachability and compassion, and her experience as a mother have, together, equipped her with the capacity to unravel and resolve even the most complex cases – and the ability to resolve yours more easily than you may think possible.

To contact Rosanna today, you can call her at 416-271-5520, email at [email protected] or send us a message here.

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